£50,000 a Year is How Much an Hour?

A salary of £50,000 is equal to an hourly rate of £27.37

(Based on 261 working days per year and a 7 hour working day.)

Salary7 Hour Day
Hourly Rate
7.5 Hour Day
Hourly Rate
8 Hour Day
Hourly Rate

Workers who earn £50,000 Per Year

The highest paid salaries are often very senior roles across a range of industries.

Along with a healthy salary, these jobs are often rewarded with health care insurance, and other benefits.

Typical jobs in this range include:

  • Account Managers and Care Home Managers
  • Senior Marketing Manager
  • IT, Retail or Finance Management

There are also many jobs advertised in Sales for this salary, but be aware of the small print as some jobs may be based on commission and bonuses only.

You’ll be bringing home just over £3,100 a month on a salary of around £50,000, once tax and NI have been deducted.

An Analytics Manager could set to earn around £58k and senior software architect managers could certainly look to bring home around £60,000 per year.

IT roles certainly pay well, with a job available working at home for a PHP Developer, paying up to £60,000 on Reed.co.uk.

It’s also worth mentioning that Entrepreneurs and small business owners could soon see their salary increase to around £50,000. Having multiple income streams from other aspects such as a side hustle or owning another property can also increase a person’s income.

There are many people claiming that running a successful blog can bring in a generous income too, although don’t expect this to happen overnight.

If you are looking to earn some serious money, Reed.co.uk also claims that Recruitment Consultants can earn up to £240,000 or go the role of Prime Minister and earn around £150,000 – perks include a pretty flash residence in central London.

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