Best Things to Buy and Sell for Profit (UK 2021)

If you’re looking for a low-cost and fun way of making some extra money, selling things on eBay could bring in some extra cash. It can also be incredibly fun. Here we have a list of the best things to buy and sell for profit on the web, eBay, Gumtree, or anywhere else.

Imagine rummaging at a local car boot fayre to find a vintage item you could sell on for much more than you paid for it (known as flipping – more on this later).

We shine the spotlight on the best things to buy and sell for profit on eBay – from building your profile to the right times to sell.

And that’s not all – we have also put together a handy guide on what to buy so you know the best items that sell on eBay.

Best items to sell on eBay:

Wooden garden chari with hedge in background

Used and Refurbished gardening and work tools.

If you have goods left over from a DIY product – why not sell them on? From a leftover pack of flooring tiles to pots of paint or plumbing tools – someone else could make use of them. We found a mixed job lot of plumbing parts selling for £60 and a surplus bath panel for £20.

A hand wearing rings

Jewellery – even broken jewellery can be sold.

Broken jewellery can often be upcycled and re-made into something really unique. Keep an eye out at charity shops and jumble sales. A current listing on eBay has 20 pieces of broken jewellery for sale for £20. Some sellers list by the kilogram – so there is a listing for 1kg of broken jewellery for sale for £5.

Scremadelica Vinyl Record Outside of its Sleeve

Vinyl Records

You can’t beat that crackling sound of an old record. Hunt out in charity shops where you might pick up some records for just a few pounds and then sell on for more. Currently, on eBay, there is a Pink Floyd album for £19.99 and a Blondie album for nearly £15.

Original Kenner Card Back for Darth Vader Figure


Ever seen Toy Story? As is their nature, kids grow out of their toys. So if you have little ones (or maybe not so little now), it can be well worth rummaging in the attic for some quality toys that don’t show too much sign of wear and tear.

If you are lucky, you may have some real treasures from when you were a kid. Vintage Star Wars toys can fetch a lot if you have the original packaging. The most valuable Star Wars figure is the Jawa figure with the original vinyl cape. These were a limited run and can fetch thousands with the original packaging and in excellent condition.

In-demand toys – hook on to a trend such as fidget spinners and buy elsewhere cheaper to sell on.

An outdated mobile phone on a wooden table

Broken Technology

People will buy broken parts to strip and re-use or fix. Currently, eBay has a damaged PC for £42. There is also a PC tower with missing parts priced at £199.

More ideas For Selling

  • Personalised Items – maybe someone else would love that personalised towel robe you have.
  • Anything Vintage, rare or items are hard to find.
  • Collector’s items – from band merchandise to sporting goods.

Can you make money reselling on eBay? 

Yes you can! Keep an eye out in charity shops, house clearance and liquidation sales where you may snap up a bargain and resell that item at a higher price.

You may also be lucky to enough to be a product cheaper elsewhere and sell on at a higher price – imagine if you have some stock of paddling pools that you picked up in the winter and now you can sell on at a higher price during a hot summer.

Look for bargains on eBay and other networking sites to resell

We recommend buying products elsewhere for cheaper, and then sell on eBay at a higher price. You may also like to use a site called Fat Fingers – this clever site searches for items on eBay where the items have been listed incorrectly, due to spelling mistakes. Very often these misspelled words don’t get any bids at all – allowing you to snap up a bargain! We found a Samsung phone listed as Samsun instead, with no bids at all.

What is flipping?

Flipping is where you buy a product elsewhere fairly cheaply and then sell it on for a higher price. This could be anything from a vintage candle stick holder to a picture, clothing, or a piece of furniture. You may be lucky to find something cheaper at a boot sale and then sell on for more money on eBay.

How to make a profit on eBay:

Improve your profile on eBay –even though you want to sell things, start with buying a few items first, even very cheap things and pay promptly and give good feedback – this will result in you getting good feedback too.  Also, think about your username – make it easy to remember and fairly professional sounding – Vintage Finds rather than ILoveCutieKittens123 for example

Do your research – If you’re unsure as towhat to sell on eBay, use the ‘Marketplace Research’ toolto find out what the hottest items are. Also, check out what the most-watched itemson eBay.

Sell items seasonally – you’ll sell more paddling pools in the summer than in the middle of winter.   Similarly don’t’ try and sell those snow boots in the middle of August,

Make the most of eBay promotions and reduced selling fees. You will have to pay seller fees most of the time, but there are often promotions to bypass this. Ecal is a nifty tool that helps you work out your fees before you set your prices. You’ll also incur prices for using PayPal. 

What are the easiest items to sell on eBay?

Search for memorabilia, such as cards, autographed sports items, typewriters and record players, vintage hats and shirts. These items are great to flip on eBay because people buy them as gifts or to add to their own collection.

Need to Know

Work out the best prices for your items – you can use to see what other similar items sell for.

Take good photos – you can add up to 12 photos for free – take in natural daylight.

Add a reserve so your item won’t sell for your desired price..

Time the bidding to end ideally on a Sunday evening – this is the best time for people to be at home looking and bidding. 

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