Hi there! My name is Ricky, and I run The Money Builders.

The site was originally created by Jim Gall who previously worked in financial services. He spent four years working in financial services and the best thing he got out of it was that he learned a whole lot about money and how financial services firms handle it and make their money.

He also learned a lot about investing and began to share that knowledge with you on this blog. For example, the Junior ISA Calculator can help you see how charges could affect a child’s Junior ISA.

There’s also a compound interest calculator UK which illustrates the power of compound interest.

Jim’s Money Story

Before I started working in finance, I was £40,000 in debt, had 4 credit cards, had monthly outgoings that were in excess of incomings and because the credit cards were continually racking up debt, they were barely getting paid down each month, even though I was paying out hundreds each month in repayments.

Six years on, and the debt had just about been paid off and I have clear financial plans in place including a pension and stocks and shares ISA. I’m even overpaying my mortgage in order to get it paid off quicker.

Six years ago, I wouldn’t have known where to begin when it came to investing my money, but with a bit of know-how, I now have clear plans for my cash.

I’m now focused on helping others to improve their personal finances – and to realise that they can make clear plans for a bright future by understanding how financial services work.

I must also state here that I am not a financial adviser and the articles on this website are not in any way advice. If you need a financial adviser, you can visit www.unbiased.co.uk where you will find details of local financial advisers.


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