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Whether you’re looking to supplement your income with extra cash or have a complete change of lifestyle, there are genuine working from home jobs available in the UK.

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Working at home can offer you the flexibility to work around your family. You may well save money and time not commuting to an office. And of course, there’s the added bonus of working in your PJ’s every now and then.

What Sort of Jobs Could I Do?

There is a whole host of legitimate home-based jobs you could do. From undertaking typing and data entry jobs to designing websites; creating and selling your crafts, tutoring, and freelance writing work. You’ll need a good Internet Connection. You can use search engines to look for work at reputable freelance sites such as ProBlogger, Fiverr and PeoplePerHour. You can decide whether to work at home part-time or full time to start earning money and enjoy flexible living.

Tell Me More…

If you are fairly nifty with your keyboard, there are genuine home-based jobs for data entry and typing. You’ll need to be fast, accurate and of course, have access to a computer. Jobs may be paid by the hour or for the actual job. Be sure to have the job requirements clearly defined before you start. If you know your Instagram from your Snapchat, you may grab a social media job-creating posts from the comfort of your own home. Great places to look for this sort of work include WorkingMums, Clickworker and PeoplePerHour.

Creative types can hone their skills offering web design, illustration or even creating and selling digital templates. This fairly new concept involves the design and development of templates so often used on Pinterest. The templates can also be used for digital CV’s, stationery and mood boards. Canva and PicMonkey are great places to start.

Did you know that Amazon has a virtual job section on their website? With over 600,000 employees, there is sure to be a home-based job on this site that suits your needs.

Other flexible work at home jobs include taking part in paid surveys, selling your photos, dog walking or childminding. If you have a strong skill set you can also offer tutoring too at Superprof.

Or how about getting your creative hat on. Crafting your own unique products could be a highly rewarding business to get into. Sites such as Etsy have exploded in popularity in recent years and many creatives are enjoying selling their work.

But what field could you go into? Candles are a very popular product and if you do your sums right, it could be possible to Make Money Selling Candles from Home, as this very thorough guide details.

What do I need to be aware of?

Although there are many genuine home-based jobs out there, sadly there are many scams. If the opportunity seems to be too good to be true, it normally is. And don’t even go near a job that asks for money upfront. Be aware of Multi-Level Marketing opportunities (Avon, candle parties). And avoid packing from home jobs which can often be scams.

OK, I’m Hooked – What Do I Need to Think Of?

Carefully consider your rates of pay – some jobs are per hour, others by commission. Although genuine, some freelance websites take a cut in any jobs you secure, so you may want to re-adjust your rate accordingly.

Set up a PayPal account to help receive payments. Do consider the downside of working for yourself, is not having any sick pay or holiday entitlement (though you do have the freedom to choose when you want to book that holiday in Spain). You may also need to think about costs associated to business insurance, utilities and putting aside tax money if you are registering as self-employed.

Also be aware that the more software, apps or websites you use, the more fees you may incur. For example a PayPal account is free to open, but you will be charged transaction fees.

It’s also worth being aware of your time management. It’s important your family respect your working hours by creating boundaries and have a space to work at home. You don’t want to get distracted by the housework.

And although we joked about wearing your PJ’s all day, we do advise getting dressed for the day, making time to have a break, getting out for a walk or meeting other homeworkers, be it on the school run or a network meeting.

Any final tips?

Other than that, enjoy. Start your way to flexible working and earning more money. You won’t regret it. Looking for more ideas on how to make more money? Take a look at this great post from Monethalia, which details 100 Legit Ways to Make Money. And Boost My Budget has some terrific ideas here in their post 75 Ways to Make Extra Cash.

An alternative to ‘gigging’ could be starting your own blog or side hustle. By doing this, you could get paid for placing ads on your site. One such service is AdSense from Google which I have used myself.

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