How Much Do Uber Drivers Make in the UK in 2023?

Let’s get into the driving seat and find out more about the global company that employs around 3 million drivers worldwide. More importantly, let’s find out how much UK Uber drivers make in 2023.

How Much Could I Make working for Uber?

There are over 70,000 drivers for Uber now in the UK. Uber drivers make roughly around £15 per hour, so on an average working week, working around 40 hours a week, you could earn around £565 per week. Uber has stated that workers will earn at least the same as the National Average wage, which currently stands at £8.91 per hour for people aged 23 and over.

Be aware though these wages are only earned when you are actually picking up and dropping off a customer – not for the time you are waiting around for a job, even though you may have ‘logged on’ to show your availability.

What are my rights as an Uber driver?

Uber has moved on from its former ‘no-strings gig economy’ and now employs all drivers, offering the minimum wage and perks such as holiday and sick pay. The Uber Driver’s hourly wage of around £15 is higher than the living wage. And Uber drivers are now regarded as workers, with access to pensions, contributions, sickness pay and more. All Uber drivers across the UK will now receive these perks, with a wage to at least match the minimum wage. The changes to Uber come into effect immediately, but do not take effect for Uber Eats.

How do I become an Uber driver?

It’s a fairly straightforward process – potential Uber Drivers can sign up online ( You can upload your documents online. You’ll need to be over 21 and have a clean driving licence. Some cities require a minimum number of years of driving experience. You may be invited to take part in an Uber Ignition assessment which may, depending on the city, involve a map-reading skills test and also some health checks including a sight test, along with a DBS check. Once you have met the criteria, you will be notified and can then start driving for Uber straight away.

Flexible Working

Driving for Uber offers a degree of flexibility – once you have passed the criteria and signed up, you only work when want to. Drivers have access to an App that allows them to apply for jobs when they want to. However, you are only paid for when actually on the job, not when sitting around waiting. When you don’t want to be working – you log out of the App. Of course Uber doesn’t just offer the classic taxi service, there are food delivery jobs and bike courier jobs too. And now with the new Uber benefits (for drivers only), you will also benefit from automatic enrolment with the Uber pension, which includes contributions from Uber.

Is the Uber Rate Different Around The Country?

Kind of – each city will offer a minimum amount that each Uber Driver will make for any trip when they are driving about. So an Uber Driver in London may earn a different amount per hour than an Uber Driver in Manchester. However, Uber has stated that all their drivers in the UK will now earn at least the Minimum Wage. There are also the additional benefits all drivers receive such as sickness pay, paternity and maternity rights.

Is The Hourly Rate Fairly Standard?

The money you can make does depend on a few factors – such as location, peak times and how often you drive. There are also promotions which can increase your earnings. The Uber App allows drivers to access information for when demand is high in a certain area helping you to increase your hourly wage. Uber’s new announcement also means that every two weeks drivers will receive a payment of 12.07% of their earnings to reflect their right to paid holiday.

Are There Any Costs Involved in working for Uber?

Yes, Uber take around 25% of your costs as part of their service fees, which is said to help develop their App and provide customer support. You will also be liable for sorting out your own vehicle (which must meet certain standards with Uber) and your private hire insurance through your council. You will also need to be aware of running costs and fuel, which can make a dent in your wages.

Uber Eats Drivers

The changes that come into effect are not applicable to Uber Eats food delivery drivers. These workers are still classified as self-employed.

Becoming an Uber driver can provide a flexible working income, providing you meet certain requirements. But you can accelerate your earnings with tips and driving at peak times. With the U-turn on employment rights, drivers will have more job security with additional worker benefits.

OK, So If I Sign Up, How And When Will I Get Paid?

The Uber business is all online, so payments will be paid directly to you, digitally. Uber will deduct their service fee, and then all other earnings owed to you will be transferred to your online account. You can then transfer your money when you want – weekly, monthly, whatever suits you. It’s designed to be totally flexible.

About the March 2021 Announcement From Uber

Flexible working, hours to suit and access to your earnings almost immediately. Working for Uber could be just the ticket. And as of March 2021, Uber have announced a more secure working package and recognition for their drivers – including sickness and holiday pay.

Uber’s drivers were previously classified as contractors which means missing out on employee benefits. This change, which some have argued has been a long time coming, now regards its drivers as workers, allowing their staff to access employers’ rights.

So could becoming an Uber driver be for you – here’s a quick overview of some FAQs.

What Percentage Does Uber Take?

Uber take around 25% of your earnings, which go towards the continued development of the App and customer support.

How Are Uber Drivers Paid?

As most transactions are online, your earnings will be transferred to your online account. Uber does take cash in some cities. Uber drivers can withdraw their earnings whenever they want.

How Much Do Uber Drivers Make In London?

The rate averages around £15 per hour, but drivers need to be aware of other costs involved such as insurance, tax, car maintenance. This rate can fluctuate depending on demand, peak times and tips.

How Many Hours Do Uber Drivers Drive?

A large proportion of Uber drivers are part-time. You work the hours that suit you anything from 1 – 45 hours a week. But the maximum hours you can drive is up to 12 hours at any time, and then you must have a six-hour break. The Uber App has a fancy feature which notifies you when you reach your limit and when you need to take a break.

How Much Do Uber Eats Drivers Make?

According to our research, Uber Eats drivers in the UK can earn an hourly rate ranging from £7 to £13. This is before any deductions for costs such as fuel or riding equipment. For a seven-hour working day, a £7 hourly rate equates to approximately £13,000 per annum. A £13 hourly rate equates to just over £23,000 per annum.

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  1. Great, detailed article and FAQ! I wonder how many drivers make, in reality, next to zero after taking into account fuel costs and car depreciation. Will depend heavily on the car type obviously. Electric car owners have access to some free EV chargers, depending on the location and EVs tend to depreciate slower, so that could be a good way to optimise earnings.

  2. People like u will make zero. 2500 clean cash self employed and then you can run costs against your assesment. Overall great way to make monies. Tons flexibility

    • With new fare update now you drive 15 mile and get 17 pound in manchester imagine your dropping and coming back is doing 30 mile for 17 pound . Honestly it is modern day slavery shame on uber

  3. My weekly gross take home for 45 hours is £550 average and after car finance, fuel, insurance, licence fees, washing car, servicing, maintenance etc, weekly take home pay that is actually spendable in my account is £300-350 so I’m really glad that Uber will now pay an extra 12% as this will give me a weekly take home after expenses of almost £400. You don’t become rich with Uber but you don’t get this level of flexibility anywhere else so it’s give and take. My car is a 2016 Vauxhall Insignia 2.0cdti, finance payments are £120 monthly, insurance is £220 monthly, other costs are involved too like maintenance etc. I drive in Midlands around Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Dudley

  4. There’s no “cash clean self employed” if you are making 2500, but next year you’ll know more about it…

    24,422 will be your real salary after taxes (approx)
    8,390 will be your car expenses a year (approx)

    16,032 will be the most realistic salary after you pay taxes and car expenses (car loan excluded)

    People like you work more than 45 hours a week to make around 308 and have no paid holidays…

  5. Per week, car rental £100, fuel £150, insurance £50, phone £15, cleaning £15, savings for New tyres, accounts, badge renewal (DBs check, medical, license fee) £20. That’s £350 per WEEK!.

    UBER: 90,000 (drivers) * average £100 service fee from each driver = £9m week!
    £9m * 52 weeks means Uber makes £468m a year in the UK! And they have NO office staff for drivers to get help, unbelievable!

  6. I work bolt in Cyprus I’m averaging 1200 euros a week but thts only 5 -6 months was thinking of doing u era in London but don’t think it’s worth my while ,my insurance is 700 a year and my Merc is like an old school woman


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