12 Simple Ways To Make Money Online For Beginners

Having some extra cash in your pocket is always handy.

And the additional money could be a big help as UK households battle against rising costs and energy bills.

We’ve got tips for you if you are looking to top up your regular wages or need a bit of extra cash for your bills.

What is the easiest to make money online?

There are some easy ways to get online income, save money and make some extra cash without even leaving your home.

We’ve put together some easy ways to earn a bit of cash, using your phone or computer at home.

Some people use online surveys or cashback apps to make some dosh. You can sell unwanted goods or become an online tutor.

There are loads of ways to make a bit of extra cash without leaving your home. All you need is a phone or computer and a good internet connection.

How can I make extra money online UK?

Create an Online Course

If you’re an expert in something why not create an e-course or start your own online business, selling digital products or your services online? Done well you’ll earn passive income.

This could be a course in gardening, baking, DIY, a foreign language, or social media marketing.

Running a course online can be an excellent way to create another income stream, especially for complete beginners.

Choose a topic you’re passionate about and have knowledge in, such as cooking or a hobby.

Create a comprehensive course outline and gather your materials, such as videos or articles.

You can use platforms like Udemy, Teachable, or Skillshare to host your course and reach a broader audience.

Make sure to set a reasonable price for your course, and promote it through your social media platforms, word of mouth, search engines, or advertising.

With some dedication and hard work, you can start earning money from your Internet course in no time.

Become an Instagram influencer

Anyone with a large Instagram following can be an influencer.

You can use affiliate programs to make advertising revenue. Most affiliate programs and marketing programmes can help you make money online. Earn ad revenue with a YouTube channel.

If you don’t like the idea of being on the camera don’t worry – record a faceless video – such as DIY tutorials, playing games, video game reviews, and technology reviews.

Design and sell personalised products

Who doesn’t love a personalised mug or some personalised t-shirts?

Start looking on websites such as Pinterest for inspiration.

You don’t always need your own website to do this, instead use online platforms like Shopify or Redbubble.

Website flipping

Web Flipping: A bit like upcycling a website and selling it on. Buy a domain name, then sell it on at a higher price. Particularly good if you spot trends and buy a domain name that could sell well.

Check out Godaddy.com – buy or lease an online store or site, then modify it, and offer the site for sale in an internet marketplace.

Flipping websites can be a very lucrative way to make money online for beginners.

Become a voice-over artist

Earn from £30-£100 per hour being a voice-over artist from home. Being a voiceover artist is a great way to make some additional money.

Look at Upwork and Fiverr for job adverts. Practice your acting skills, tone and speed of talking – you can even record yourself and listen back to hone your skill.

You could be the voice for an audiobook, advert, web content, or online tutorial.

Write and monetize blog posts

Use a free online platform such as WordPress to start your blog.

Pick a name, and write good content for your niche.

Once you have a following, you can earn money with advertising or affiliate links. 

Become a freelance writer

If you’re good with words, consider becoming a freelance writer and write articles for money.

Take advantage of the abundance of online earning opportunities through writing, especially as a freelance writer. 

Companies pay for quality content, bloggers need fresh material, and magazines seek contributors, both online and in print. 

With such a high demand for writing, freelancers are guaranteed to find work. 

You’ll either be paid per word written or per article created, but this is agreed before you start any work.

Earn cash as a virtual assistant

You can earn around £15 per hour as a Virtual Assistant working from home. Lots of online businesses need an extra pair of hands with Customer Support, Data Entry, and Social Media management.

You’ll need to have good writing and communication skills, be organised and be good with computers such as Word documents and Excel.

Look on Fiverr.com and PeoplePerHour.com for jobs. Take a look at this guide on how to become a Virtual Assistant.

Become a tutor

One great and legitimate way to earn money online is by teaching English over the internet.

With earnings of up to £30-£60 per hour as an online tutor, there are a wide range of academic subjects, such as maths to foreign languages, science, and creative skills and hobbies such as crochet or piano.

People will pay for your tuition.

Create and sell stock photos

Can you really make money from selling stock photos? Yep!

To give yourself a chance to sell more of your photos and videos, try listing your digital downloads on more than one online stock marketplace. Alternatively, make a photography website and attract buyers there.

Shutterstock reckons you can earn some decent cash selling your photos.

When you upload and sell your images on stock photography platforms, multiple clients can purchase and use them without any restrictions. This means you retain the ownership of your copyrighted images, and every time a client buys your photo, you profit.

Start a dropshipping business

Become an online retailer using dropshipping. Simply find your niche, such as dog toys, design the website and when the customer buys a product, the suppliers deliver direct to the customer.

Dropshipping is a business model where you work in the middle between a supplier and a customer.

You don’t hold any inventory, but instead, when a customer orders something from your online store, you purchase the item from your supplier, who ships it directly to the customer.

You’ll need high-quality content to make it work, advertising to attract customers and maybe offer an affiliate program to other online money makers.

When it comes to profits, you make money in dropshipping by marking up the price of the product. You purchase the item from your supplier at a lower price, and sell it for a higher price to your customer. The difference between the two prices is your profit.

It’s important to remember that like any business, dropshipping merchandise sales takes time and effort to be successful. But if you put in the work, it can be a great way to make some extra cash from home.

How to make £100 in a day

Companies conducting market research are always looking for individuals to try out websites and digital products and give feedback on the latest features. The best part is, you don’t require expertise in using a product or service to participate in market research. In fact, brands, social media platforms, and online enterprises often seek out people who have little knowledge about their products.

You can make money using online survey sites with some online focus groups in just a few hours a day.

Generally, I’ve been paid from £85 – £120 for a few hours giving my opinion to market research companies, and it’s all usually done through Zoom or Microsoft Teams, so I don’t even need to leave my house.

Start making money online this weekend

Selling unused products and services in online marketplaces will help you make some money. You may have items you don’t need anymore or sell items in a thrift shop.

You can sell your unwanted products on the Internet for a good price. It is possible to auction them, sell them on eBay, or advertise them in online directories.

Uploading a photo to an online marketplace takes just a few minutes. Show buyers good photos and clear details.

Easy ways to make money online for beginners

Our top tips:

In today’s digital age, there are endless opportunities to earn money online. As a beginner, it can be overwhelming to navigate through the vast sea of options and determine what is legitimate and what isn’t.

However, earning money online is certainly possible with the right guidance and effort. Here are some key takeaway points to keep in mind when trying to make some money online as a complete beginner:

Identify your skills and passions

The first step in earning money online is to identify your skills and passions. This will help you determine what type of work you enjoy doing and what you are good at.

Some examples of online jobs include freelance writing, graphic design, social media management, and virtual assistance.

Research legitimate opportunities

Once you have identified your skills and passions, research legitimate opportunities to start earning money online.

Be wary of scams and always do your due diligence. Look for reputable websites and platforms that connect freelancers with clients, such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.

Create a professional online presence

To attract clients and create an income stream online, it’s important to create a professional online presence. This includes having a well-designed website or portfolio, a strong social media presence, and a professional email address.

Network and market yourself

As a beginner, networking, and marketing yourself are essential. Join relevant online communities and social media groups, attend online conferences, and reach out to potential clients. Don’t be afraid to promote your skills and services.

Be patient and persistent

Earning money online takes time and effort. Be patient and persistent; don’t give up if you don’t see results immediately. Keep refining your skills, building your online presence, and networking with others in your industry. Have a good internet connection.

How can a beginner make money online UK?

All you need is an internet connection and access you can now start taking online surveys, making money selling online courses, and bringing in a few extra pounds here and there.

From using cashback mobile apps, online tutoring, renting out your drive, or doing some online courses or tutoring your own prices you will soon see there are loads of ways of making money and improving your personal finance.

Facebook Marketplace is a great way to earn cash online. You can make some money online fast selling your kid’s unwanted toys and clothes. There are lots of other online marketplace sites, too, such as Gumtree and Vinted.


In summary, earning money online as a complete beginner requires identifying your skills and passions, researching legitimate opportunities, creating a professional online presence, networking and marketing yourself, and being patient and persistent.

With hard work and dedication, you can succeed online and create your own business.

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