Sell Books Online With Free Apps (UK) in 2021 and Beyond

During the lockdown, I’ve started on some projects that I have been meaning to get round to for ages. One of these was decorating our back room which has a very large over-flowing bookcase. And so I thought this might be an ideal opportunity to sell books online.

I’m usually loathed to part with precious items least of all books, however, the situation was getting out of hand and I really wanted to start selling some of them which I had either read or would never get round to reading.

So here is an overview for you on how to sell books online. UK apps and websites have all been used in this article.

Selling Books on ebay

I tried eBay, however, the profit margin on old books is invariably so low that the effort involved makes it really not worth it at all.

However, I had recently spotted an advertisement for We Buy Books. An app which makes it easy to shift your used books online and make some quick money at the same time.


I had previously looked at one of these services, however, the apparent low prices had initially put me off. but in the current situation, with handing them into charity shops, not an option, and my own previous experience of selling on eBay when, after posting fees, I think I may have actually lost the money I decided to at least try scanning in a dozen or so second-hand books to see what I could get.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that for 15 unwanted books, I could make £16.35. Not a king’s ransom by any means, but it was the ease of the service which appealed to me. the process involved:

  • Install the We Buy Books App
  • Scan the barcodes of your books (very quick) with your mobile phone (the app uses a barcode scanner)
  • After which you get an instant valuation for each book
  • Box up the books (I got some old crisp boxes from my local corner shop)
  • Print the label (or receive in the post) and affix to box
  • Take the package to your local Hermes drop off point where they scan your label and give you a receipt

That’s pretty much it. but what I have also done is get my kids involved. after trying the app out myself I thought I would ask my eldest (who is thirteen) if he wanted to make some extra cash.

Boxes of books to be sold

get the kids to help

Being at something of a loose end in the current situation and keen to make some free cash for games or Playstation Plus or whatever it is that kids spend their money on, he was very interested. So he has installed the app on his iPhone and has processed our first batch of books.

Our printer is currently out of action so he had the label delivered by post and we sent the first package of yesterday using the process above. So we’re currently waiting to get the first payment. I’m still not quite sure how he will receive the money as he doesn’t have PayPal or a bank account as such. But we will see and I will update this post with my findings.

All in all, it’s been pretty easy so far and is the best way I have found so far of selling books. the instant price which is presented is also a great feature. and it’s very easy to send your parcel (provided you have a Hermes drop off point relatively nearby).

selling cds and dvds

Apparently it is also possible to sell CDs and DVDs although I have not tried this yet so can’t comment on the prices that may be on offer. this also may be an ideal opportunity for students to make some quick cash by selling old textbooks.

I’m impressed with the service so far and it’s a cost-effective way of clearing out some space.

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