How to Make Money With a Van: A Guide for Success

Do you want to make the most of your van and make some extra cash? Whether you are looking to provide delivery services, house clearance or removal services, our How To Make Money With a Van guide will tell you how to get started and more importantly, where to look for work. You’ll also learn about other options that you may not have already been aware of such as advertising on the side of your van.

There are opportunities out there right now for van drivers that could enable you to make some extra cash. Even if you already have a job, weekend work with your van could make a little bit extra which can add up to maybe a few hundred pounds per month or more.

Courier Work

There’s lots of courier work available for van drivers at the present moment. And a number of websites and apps cater to the demand.

AnyVan helps connect businesses or individuals with truck owners so they can make money on-demand.

When you choose to work on a platform like AnyVan, it’s 100% up to you when you want to work and what time of day.

The AnyVan booking system allows you to search for delivery opportunities based on your location.

AnyVan claims to provide delivery opportunities for people driving all kinds of vans. However the type and size of van you use to carry loads can influence your pay rate, so check the rates of pay before you commit to a job.

They also state that they have more than 3 million customers posting over 20,000 jobs each week. They claim to be an ideal solution for van owners who wish to earn extra income by sourcing small part loads on the weekend.

Removals and Shifting Furniture etc.

If you are willing to do some heavy lifting, then offering a removal service can be an excellent way of earning money using your van.

People often hire people with vans for small jobs like moving boxes or furniture. To increase your income, consider starting a removal business.

Though this type of job means moving things that are too big to fit in a car, it also provides the chance to complete several jobs in one day and earn even more money as a result.

Where To Find Jobs

TaskRabbit is a platform that connects people who need assistance with local individuals, referred to as taskers. Taskers are people like you willing to offer their services in exchange for money.

According to recent surveys, taskers make an average of $35 per hour in the United States. Given this hourly rate and the flexibility of working your own hours, it is a great opportunity for anyone looking to either earn some extra money or pursue employment.

If you decide to start accepting jobs on Facebook or Craigslist, brand yourself by making a professional Facebook page or website and host all of your work there.

Make sure you’re insured and have the proper documentation for any work before starting.

House Clearances

There are a number of reasons why someone might want to clear a house. They could be;

  • Clearing a house of a loved one who has died
  • Preparing a property to put it on the rental market
  • Needing to remove useless stuff from their home

It can be time-consuming, expensive to clear a home. Not to mention emotionally shattering for people left with the unfortunate task of clearing a house after a bereavement.

All this means there is a demand for reliable persons with a van who can offer such services at reasonable rates.

For jobs, your best bet could be searching posts on Gumtree.

An alternative to offering a service could be taking a job-lot of items from a house clearance and re-selling them yourself. there are currently quite a few adverts on Gumtree offering items for sale for everything from free to a few hundred pounds.

As the old saying goes, where there’s muck, there’s brass.

Delivering Food

There has been booming growth for food delivery services across the globe as companies have invested in deliveries. With apps like Deliveroo and Uber Eats becoming so common, it’s much easier to order food.

What’s best is that there are now more opportunities to earn money for food delivery.

One food delivery service that allows you to earn flexibly is Deliveroo.

Deliveroo riders can opt to use motorbikes or cars, but their vehicles must be in good condition. Deliveroo also claims to offer its drivers quality equipment and support

To become a Deliveroo rider, you must sign up using the Deliveroo Rider’s App. Once signed up, riders receive notifications on when their availability permits them to work. Riders are responsible for updating the driver app and making sure they arrive at each assigned delivery location before accepting an order through the app.

Use Your Van To Advertise Brands

If you’re not fussy about having a branded vehicle, you can make some passive income by turning your van into a mobile advertisement. You can use it as per usual; the only difference is that now it’ll be covered in ads! If you can deal with that, then you could be on to a winner!

Carvertise, a company operating in the UK that provides ad wraps for cars and other vehicles, pays you to advertise. How much can you make with Carvertise? On average you can expect to earn around £100 each month.

Getting paid to do some advertising has never been easier. The stickers are removable so after your contract with the company is over, there should be no damage to your car’s paintwork. Always check with the advertising company first though.

Amazon Flex

Few if any companies worldwide can have as much demand for delivery vans as Amazon. Their service is called Amazon Flex and van drivers can get started with Amazon Flex by firstly downloading the app.

Amazon Flex claims to pay between £13 and £15 per hour – but check the small print as there are some caveats listed on the Flex website.

But how does it work exactly?

You can estimate your earnings before you schedule a delivery block. So you can effectively work whenever it suits you. Amazon Flex has seven-day schedules with weekday and weekend blocks available.

The number of available delivery blocks can vary and are not guaranteed. Amazon Flex pays you per hour, and you can select the specific hours you want to work.

Sign up and find out more information about Amazon Flex here.

Do You Need Private or business van insurance?

You will need business van insurance if you use your vehicle for business purposes. If the majority of your driving is done in connection with a trade, profession or other commercial ventures such as food deliveries or courier services it would be considered that there’s an element of business involved however small.

Even when used only occasionally to carry goods between home and a sideline craft workshop you will need business insurance but it is always advisable to check with your insurer.

For those who use a van for personal as well as business purposes, the answer is less straightforward because using it in connection with both can be difficult to determine and will very much depend on how often you drive the vehicle.

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