5 Money-Saving Hacks for Household Junk

Today we feature a guest post from our friends at Freedom Mobiles. This features some great ideas on what to do with household junk and unwanted electronics.

A cluttered home is something that every household has gone through. At some point, you have too many random items piled up that you probably never use. They disrupt the peace of the home. People get frustrated and annoyed by constantly looking at a stack of unwanted things, don’t they?

They realise that it is probably best to declutter. People should get it done once and for all. In this way, you can get rid of unnecessary items or sell the junk and earn some money. This article will briefly explain five methods for how one can make money from selling unused items.

Get rid of electronic gadgets that you no longer use

It is high time for you to brush off the dust from your old electronics sitting in the drawer wasted. These electronics can make you a lot of money. It doesn’t matter whether the gadget is broken or not. There will always be a person who will want to buy it. People use such devices for recycling or to collect spare parts, and so on. Declutter your drawers and boxes and start selling!

If it is still in good condition or not — there is an online market for it. Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist are all popular sites to sell on where you can get a decent value. Facebook yard sale groups are also an excellent place to try and sell things. Apps like LetGo are catching on as well. There are a ton of places for you to sell your items.

The market allows for the easy sale of electronic products. Having all the original items, such as chargers, boxes, etc., will most likely increase the worth of the product. Another thing that helps get attention on the market is having well-lit and attractive pictures for your listing. You can take good pictures even if it is a bit chipped or broken. Customers will be able to determine what they pay for precisely this way.

Though you have to be aware of one thing, bargaining is very popular on these sites. The strategy is to undervalue the product and value it at a reasonable and acceptable price by not overpricing it. Being a realist helps in this situation since you can navigate which price will fit well with the item and be open for some haggling.

Best-selling platform to use

You can use any second-hand product online, regardless of its condition. As the value might fluctuate, but there is always a buyer at the right price. People use Amazon and Craigslist to list their products or market them on social media platforms like Facebook undervalue and Instagram. Many pages list used products for their audience. You can also check and compare the websites listed below to see the best price:

  • Freedom Mobiles
  • CeX
  • Compare and Recycle

How much can you get when you sell an old phone?

The amount of money you get paid for your used mobile depends on the phone’s condition, age, and model. Trade-ins will typically only pay $300 to $400 for a good-conditioned phone. An iPhone 11 or 12 might sell for a higher price. It depends on the dealings between the seller and the customer.

Recycle or donate your old phone

Selling isn’t the only option you have if you want to avoid the hassle. Usually, the majority of the sellers will be willing to buy it off your hands — mobile phones, electronics, chargers, etc. The best course of action is to donate or recycle the phone in this way. You at least get something out of it. You can sell your old mobile phones to recycling agencies; however, you should compare the prices of mobile recyclers to get the best possible rate.

Dust covered clothes in your closet

It is essential to look in your closet every once in a while and see how many extra clothes and other such things you might have. There is a high possibility that only a third of the entire wardrobe gets worn. If you have not used a top in the last three months, then the chances are that you will probably never wear it again. It depends on your liking and choice. The best approach for this method is to start putting them on sale on different Facebook groups. Here you will be able to sell your unused clothes in a matter of hours. Buying and using pre-loved garments is certainly a new trend on social media, as it also promotes sustainability.

Best-selling platforms for your clothes

Numerous ‘cash for clothing’ shops has opened. The right approach is to find a shop nearby or anywhere online and put it up for sale there. Another place that you can potentially sell your clothes is at H&M’s. The customer must go one bag at a time to get a $5 gift card.

How much money can be made?

When selling via cash for clothing shops, they will give around 40p/kg. If you want people to pay attention, take clear photographs that describe what they are purchasing. It is essential to add a proper lucrative description of it too. One advantage of using Facebook groups is that it gets you a lot of attention with little effort.

Have A Garage Sale!

With every passing year, you are piling up furniture in your house that you no longer use or looking to replace. We tend to decline when people sell a product, but you’re the proud owner of a coffee table or recliner you won’t use before you know it.

Such extra and unwanted items are what make the house look like a mess. One way to get rid of the stuff but simultaneously make money is to set up a garage sale. So many people are looking for furniture, and the right price might just push them to the edge of buying an item off of you.

Unwanted accessories in the garages

No doubt, garages are more commonly used as a storeroom than a utility room. All the stuff that we do not require gets dumped in the storage. If you start to declutter the garage, you will see many items that you can sell and make money off of it. If something will indeed not be used, it is worth a chance to take it back to the store and try to get it exchanged with money or any other usable product.

Loose extra accessories

As days go by, more and more stuff starts to pile up. It is addictive to buy all the cute little gadgets you see at a store or grab as many souvenirs from a trip. In the long run, you reach a point where too many meaningful items surround you for no reason.

These are the things that you should think about selling away. You might not know, but maybe some of these gadgets or items might have a lot of worth. Selling unnecessary items on eBay will result in you having a decent amount of money that can be put aside for a trip or saved up in your bank for something you have wanted for a long time.

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