How to Make Money as a Kid “UK” in 2021 and Beyond

Dear children of the UK,

Please stop asking us for money for Pokémon cards, FIFA packs, PlayStation add-ons, video games, brain lickers, smart putty, and so on.


Parents of the UK.

And whilst you’re here, why not take a look at some ideas how you can earn some money to pay for all this stuff.

So you’re a kid and you want to make some cash. I’ve got the kids myself so I know how much kids like to make some quick cash.

But what are the best ways kids can make some money?

Here are 6 proven ways to start making money fast if you’re a kid

  1. Baking cakes
  2. Washing cars
  3. Sell books or CDs on eBay
  4. Walking dogs
  5. Mowing lawns
  6. Do odd jobs around the house for your parents

Read on to find out more about these ideas in detail.

1. Bake some cakes

Cupcakes are popular just now and relatively easy and inexpensive to make.

Use a recipe such as this one for the cupcakes.

Make sure you tell your customers that the cakes are homemade and that you haven’t just bought them at Costco. Print or design a sign that says ‘MADE BY KIDS’ to tell your customers that a kid made them.

Sell from a parent’s car boot parked in your driveway (stay safe), or a fold-down table in your front garden.

Print out a sheet with your ingredients so that any allergy sufferers are aware.

2. Car washing

Every car owner needs their vehicle washed every now and again. With a bucket of suds and some sponges, a could of kids could charge up to £5 for a thorough car wash.

Make sure you do it properly or you won’t get asked again. Watch a video like this to learn how to do a thorough job.

It could be a good idea to start on a parent’s car to make sure you get it right. Then move on to friendly neighbours’ cars. It sounds easy but there’s more to it than you think and thoroughness is everything.

Also, always be super safe around cars and never go inside the car so as to avoid any accidents.

3 Sell old books or CDs

If your house is like ours, there will be loads of books that have been read and available for sale and CDs that never get listened to any more lying around the house or stuffed away in cupboards.

Ask a parent (nicely) if they would like to ‘declutter’.

If they agree, you have a couple of options to shift the merch.

  • Car boot sale like above. Maybe combine it with your cake sale.
  • Ask a parent if you could use their eBay account to shift the goods.

Look out for any local school or church hall fetes. You may have to pay to book a table, but with luck, your profits could cover your costs.

4 Dog walking

Dog walking is a legitimate business in its own right now and there are thousands of adults throughout the country whose full-time job is giving four-legged friends a runaround in the park.

But that’s not too say you can’t get a piece of the action.

You’ll know who has a dog in your local neighbourhood. An idea might be to print out dinner flyers mentioning your service, then pop it through some doggy letterboxes. Ask a parent if you can use their mobile number for the flyer. Then wait and see who comes back to you.

5 Mowing lawns

Come spring, the smell of freshly mown grass is in the air when garden owners are mowing their lawns for the first time in months.

However, lawns need to keep getting mown to keep them in shape and it can sometimes be tough for the elderly (or the lazy) to keep on top of garden maintenance.

It might be an idea to make a start with your parents’ or grandparents’ lawn to get some practice in. If you do it properly, they will be delighted, believe me.

Always try your best to do a thorough job, also if you can mow the lawn, you could try branching out into other areas of horticulture such as trimming hedges.

6 Doing odd jobs for your parent

As a parent, I can think of nothing more helpful than a child cleaning or tidying around the house. Some ideas are hoovering, cleaning your room, do the dishes or emptying the dishwasher.

Ask a parent if they would be willing to pay with cash or supplement your pocket money for your hard work.

You may be surprised at the reaction!

I hope these ideas have been useful and have given you some ideas on how to earn some extra cash.

Remember always stay safe by:

  • Telling your parents where you are going at all times
  • Stay in groups of at least two or three.
  • Be polite when talking to potential customers
  • Obey the rules of the road when washing cars and knocking on doors.

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