Best Surveys for Money: UK 2023 Edition

As an avid paid survey taker, I have compiled a list of the best paid survey sites in the UK for you to try.

These paid survey panels are all legitimate and will allow you to earn money online from the comfort of your own home or even the bus.

Can I actually make money with online surveys?

Yes, it is possible to make money by taking online surveys, and there are a lot of survey sites to take advantage of.

And although you won’t become rich through entering surveys, with a bit of time and patience, you can top up your monthly income quite nicely.

Which Paid Surveys in the UK will suit you best?

The paid surveys listed below are all legitimate and will allow you to earn easy money online. To help you determine which paid survey sites best suit your needs, please take a look at the criteria below:

  • Minimum payout threshold
  • Survey types available

To start with, here are some of my favourite paid survey sites for earning money online in the UK.

Please let me know what your thoughts are on any surveys you may have taken – have I missed any? You can comment below.

The survey sites are listed alphabetically below:


With Answerpoints you can earn money by filling out paid online surveys on the topics of shopping habits, and entertainment preferences among others.

To start with they offer paid emails which will be sent to your inbox at certain times during the week, paid social media surveys which will be available to take as part of your news feed and paid video surveys which you can complete at your convenience.

You have a 500 points payout threshold with Answerpoints. You must reach this limit in order to withdraw any money from them.

  • Payout threshold of 500 points which equates to a £5 Amazon Gift Card
  • Survey types: paid emails, paid social media surveys and paid video surveys which are all available at various times during the week. They also offer cash

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is a high profile survey company that list Fortune 500 companies among its partners.

Survey types: paid surveys on a variety of topics such as entertainment, retail and consumer goods among others.

Paid social media surveys will be made available in your news feed on Facebook or Twitter if this is where you have registered with the site, and you can also take paid video surveys.

  • Payout threshold: Once you reach 500 points, you can exchange for rewards


You are paid in points for each survey you complete with Crowdology which can be exchanged for a wide variety of rewards from products to cash via PayPal.

You will also receive paid emails that may contain access to other paid online surveys along with special offers or vouchers.

  • Minimum threshold for UK survey takers is £4
  • Survey types: entertainment, technology and retail among others.

Google Opinion Rewards

Of all the survey apps I have used, Google Opinion Rewards is one of my favourites. It’s super easy to use, very quick and pays out instantly. There’s no minimum threshold, but you can only use your rewards in the Google Play store. I’ve been using my reward points to build up a collection of HD James Bond films. A thing I’ve also found with Google Opinion Rewards is that you can get asked the same question – and get paid for it. Invariably you will get a survey when you have visited a store or searched for something on Google. Highly recommended.

  • Minimum UK payout threshold: NO threshold, but you can only get credits for the Google Play Store.
  • Types of survey: Shopping habits, search habits, family circumstances & personal circumstances.


Hiving is a survey site specialising in paid social media and paid video surveys. An awesome aspect of this site is that you can earn points for each survey completed, regardless of whether your answers are approved or not.

Hiving has paid surveys on topics such as entertainment, retail and consumer goods among others. You’ll also receive paid emails that may contain paid video surveys, special offers or vouchers.

  • Minimum UK payout threshold: £4
  • Types of survey topics/questionnaire content: entertainment, retail and consumer goods among others. Additionally has paid email invitations for other online paid survey sites along with special offers.


Earn rewards from InboxPounds by completing paid surveys, free online paid survey opportunities and paid trial offers. You are paid in points for each completed offer which can be exchanged via PayPal or a number of other partner sites such as Amazon vouchers.

InboxPounds claims to have paid out over £2 million to survey takers. They pay out to your PayPal account or in Amazon Gift Cards.

  • Survey types: varies according to the specific opportunity you accept; however, most are consumer goods.


iPoll is a respectable name in the survey world, but there’s more to iPoll than internet surveys. Quick polls, prototype goods testing, and real-world missions are just a few of the things on offer. Survey topics range from current events and views to favourite TV shows and companies.

To join iPoll, you need to be at least 18 years old. You can also earn rewards by referring your friends and family members, but only after they have registered with iPoll. This paid survey site has a good payout threshold of £20 (UK) for PayPal users or £30 GBP (UK) for cheque payment method.

  • iPoll minimum payments are £20 (PayPal) and £30 (Amazon Gift Card).


I-Say can feature anything from paid surveys to product testing and even market research.

The paid survey site has an international reach with members from over 20 countries around the world, so you can expect a variety of different cultural and lifestyle questions.

The paid survey site is based in Australia but also serves New Zealanders as well as Canadians, British people and Americans. You can even create your own surveys with i-say too.

  • I-Say works on a points system and pays out rewards cards including Amazon, Tesco, M&S and more. The lowest cards available are £5 reward cards.


With LifePoints, earn rewards by completing paid surveys, paid email and paid videos as well as product testing.

As a member of LifePoints you can take part in online studies that research various topics including the internet, media habits and even your shopping preferences.

Lifepoints claims to have paid an incredible $22 million to members in the last year alone. That’s a lot of surveys!

  • Earn LifePoints as rewards that translate to PayPal money or a wide variety of gift cards.


Maximiles are currently running a promo where you get 100 Maximiles points when you register! This survey site asks you to Answer market research surveys that will help determine future products and services.

  • You can redeem your points for items from the rewards shop. Partners include Disney, John Lewis, Argos, Ted Baker, PlayStation and more.

Mindmover Connect

MindMover Connect is an online market research community exclusively designed for UK survey takers.

Mindmover Connect specialises in surveys, and mini polls and Surveys are typically worth between 50 and 1,000 points.

Every point equals one penny, so the value of the reward for completing a survey may differ significantly, from 50p to £10.

After you’ve earned 2,000 points (£20) or more, you may cash in your points for money via PayPal or receive an Amazon gift card. Be aware that points can expire after 12 months.

  • Minimum Payout – £20 in PayPal or Amazon Gift Card


Newvista also uses a points system, so each time you complete a questionnaire, you will be credited with a number of points. Typically, completing a survey would earn you 100 points (£1).

You may redeem your points for a voucher from partner companies such as Argos, Amazon, John Lewis, and others once you’ve collected £50 in rewards.

  • Newvista will add 500 points (worth £5) to your account as soon as you join up.
  • Minimum payout: £50 in form of a voucher.


OnePoll is a leading provider of polling services. They claim to have been behind over 100,000 news headlines in the last ten years.

Similar to YouGov, participating in OnePoll could mean that your viewpoint could influence the media.

There’s also an option to earn credits by referring friends.

OnePoll UK works on a credit system and pays out as soon as you have earned 100 credits.

However, there is a minimum payout of £15 before OnePoll will pay via BACs transfer or PayPal and the maximum amount paid per month is £50.

  • Minimum Payout: £15 (PayPal/bank transfer) Maximum Payment:£50 per month.


OnePulse offers users paid surveys, paid email and product testing opportunities. You can redeem your points for Amazon vouchers or donate them to charity when you have earned enough.

You could be paid as little as £0.50 per survey (the average is around £25). Be aware the minimum payout of £20 before OnePulse will pay via BACs transfer or PayPal.

  • Minimum Payment: £20 (10p is charged for each withdrawal.)

Opinion Bureau

Opinion Bureau has the incentive of offering a £5 reward for signing up.

There’s also a £2 refer a friend bonus. Opinion Bureau has a good range of paid surveys to choose from, and they can pay out anything from £1 to £10 per go.

  • The minimum payout is £10 which will be provided as a gift card of your choosing.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is one of the oldest paid survey sites.

They are owned by Survey Sampling International and have paid out more than $30 million to its members since they were founded in 2005.

Opinion Outpost uses a points system, so you don’t need to worry about cash outs or minimum payments.

You earn ‘Opinion Points’ for each completed survey and these can be converted into cash paid directly into your PayPal account, or you can select vouchers.

OpinionPanel Community

Opinion Panel community styles itself as a ‘Youth Research Community’ and is open only to members aged 13-30. It’s paid in Opinion Points, which can be converted to cash or vouchers once you reach £25. There are also occasional prize draws where you might get lucky – but it does take a while!

Rewards can range from £4 to £70, and there is currently a promo running where you get £10 for just signing up.

  • Payout threshold: £25 (in Opinion Points and paid by sending a code which can be redeemed in a range of outlets.)

Panel Opinion

Panel Opinion is a UK based survey site open to anyone aged 16 and over. There are plenty of ways to make money, from paid surveys, focus groups (which can be worth up to £75) and product testing opportunities.

Panel Opinion also runs periodic prize draws where survey takers can win anything from kitchen mixers to electronic prizes.

  • Payout threshold: A relatively low payout threshold of £10
  • Payment methods: Bank cheque, Paypal or BACS.


PanelBase is a survey website with a large and growing community. It has been running since 2005 and provides surveys for your opinions across many different market sectors.

Survey topics can range from fashion to cars, travel, technology or food – so you’re sure to find something that interests you.

Every time you take a survey, you will be rewarded, typically between £0.25 and £10 (depending on survey length and complexity), which will be credited to your Panelbase account.

When your reward balance has hit the threshold of £10, you can withdraw your cash.

BACS (direct into your bank), high-street vouchers, or charity donations are the three payment choices.

Some of our questionnaires also provide the opportunity to enter prize draws for everything from a bottle of wine to shopping coupons.

  • Payout threshold: A relatively low payout threshold of £10
  • Payment methods: Bank cheque, Paypal or BACS.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone is a legitimate market research firm and has been in business for over 20 years. Specialising in surveys and product testing, it is highly regarded in the world of survey taking.

Typical payments from Pinecone are in the region of £3 to £5 and there is no payment threshold. Pinecone works on a points system that is converted to cash for bank transfer.

  • Minimum payment threshold: £0

Prolific Academic

Prolific Academic is a survey website that is available to people in over 100 countries.

It pays out in cash for surveys and if you’re interested in signing up, you can complete it as part of the ‘Research Panel’ which comes with some benefits including being invited to take part in new research opportunities before they are released publicly.

Prolific Academic also have a monthly prize draw for £100 which you can be in with a chance to win.

Prolific Academic pays out points based on the length of the surveys.

  • Minimum payment threshold: £5 required in available balance. Paid to PayPal account.


Pureprofile plays on the quirkiness of its survey takers and allows signups from the age of 15.

This reputable survey site also asks that you connect your social profiles – this is not essential, but can improve the relevancy of surveys.  

Cash can be paid directly into your bank or PayPal account, via giftcards and more.

  • Minimum payment threshold: Minimum £20 and maximum £70 per withdrawal.


Qmee is a survey site that is available to people in over 190 countries. It rewards users for online activities – from web searches, shopping and taking surveys on your computer or phone.

Qmee makes a big deal that it operates only in cash – not points or rewards. It pays into your PayPal account and there is no minimum payment threshold.

  • Minimum threshold: £0

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