Sell My Jewellery

Are you asking the question ‘Where can I sell my jewellery?’ The good news is all sorts of jewellery can be sold both locally and online. This includes broken and mismatched pieces of jewellery gold and diamond jewellery. Selling your unwanted jewellery is a totally legitimate way of making some extra cash.

Can I sell my jewellery online?

There are many reputable retailers who will give you cash in return for your necklaces, bracelets and unwanted rings. 

Why should I sell my jewellery?

Selling your jewellery can be a convenient way to get some quick cash when you need it.  

Perhaps you have a household emergency you need to pay out for our an unexpected bill.

You can also sell unwanted jewellery to free up cash for future projections such as renovations, a new car or a holiday. 

With rising energy costs you may wish to sell your jewellery locally and then put that money aside for emergency funds.   

Unwanted gold jewellery can be sold and you can use the cash for your jewellery towards another piece.

Where can I get top prices for my jewellery?

Knowing where to sell jewellery help you get top prices for your unwanted necklaces and rings. 

Unwanted rings and gold jewellery can be bought by local jewellery retailers, pawn shops and jewellery buyers online. We’ve listed some top online jewellery retailers below.

Choosing the best option will depend on how fast you want the cash and the price you want to get for your old jewellery.

Where I can sell jewellery near me?

A quick look online will show you any pawn shops in your local area. Pawnshops will give you cash but not always the best price because they want to make a profit from selling your items.

You may want to call some independent jewellery retailers nearby to see if they can buy your jewellery.    

Jewellers want to see photos of your rings or bracelet. Alternatively, pop to your local jewellers and get an evaluation on something like an unwanted engagement ring.    

High-street retailers may not give you the best price though so it is worth shopping around.

Pawnshops can also give you a temporary loan on your jewellery so there is an option to buy your jewellery back when you have enough money.

Is it easy to sell jewellery online?

There are some very reputable online jewellery buyers and you can easily check out reviews before using them.  

It is easier to get a quote from an online jewellery buyer but you may have to wait a little longer for your payout.

Most online jewellery buyers will be interested in:

  • Unwanted engagement and wedding rings.
  • Earrings – even mismatched pairs
  • Watches
  • Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Diamonds
  • Broken jewellery
  • Antique jewellery.

You can get good prices for second-hand jewellery and precious metals online. Most buyers have lots of experience and can give you the best price on the market. 

Selling your unwanted necklaces and earrings.

If you are selling old gold necklaces, pendants and earrings of all varieties its worth sending in any receipts or documents you have about your jewellery.    Particularly if you are selling rare jewellery, additional documents will help you get the best price.

Diamond rings

Before selling your unwanted diamond rings is possible by using a reputable online buyer such as

Buyers will analyze your jewellery, reading every possible piece using qualified diamond graders ensuring you get the best price. 

Online jewellery buyers you can use – sell your gold in 3 easy steps.    Request a free selling kit on their website to post your jewellery. Send your gold off in their pre-paid envelope and receive your cash within 24 hours. – this online buyer claims to have over 15 years of experience in buying and accurately assessing jewellery.   Based in Hatton Garden, London, you can either sell online or book an appointment to visit in person. They buy all types of jewellery and offer a live rate checker on their website.   Payment is made the next working day of receiving the jewellery and is made by bank transfer. –  You can post your jewellery to this London based buyer in their free secure postage pack.   Once received and after accepting the quote, they will transfer the money to you within 12 hours. If you are not happy with their quote, your jewellery will be returned by Royal Mail. – claim to offer the best live prices for your gold and will buy scrap gold, old pendants, charms, medals and watches. Their website includes a calculator so you can work out the price you would receive.  Payment is said to be made within 3 working days direct to your bank. You do have to arrange your own postage of your jewellery to the buyers. claim to be highly competitive and give you a free instant quote on their website. You can request your free selling pack online which includes postage and insurance back to the buyers. Payment is made by cheque or bank transfer. This buyer claims to lock in the price valuation you receive online so you know in advance how much you will receive. –  as seen in the National Press, this online jewellery buyer claims to buy your old unwanted jewellery. They offer a no-lose offer; request your free selling kit online, post back your unwanted jewellery, even mismatched pieces, tangled or broken jewellery is welcome.   They will then send you a price once they have received your items.  You choose either to accept that price or decline and ask for your jewellery to be returned.  

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