How I Got My First 1,000 Followers on Twitter

I don’t need to tell you that a healthy social media following is a cornerstone of your blogging strategy.

Starting a new Twitter account with zero followers can seem daunting, but once you get going, the snowball effect kicks in and you should find it easier and easier to pick up new followers.

The more followers you have, the more perceived authority you will have and the more fellow Twitter users will want to follow you.

But how do you kick it off? What are the quick wins you need to get the ball rolling? Here are some methods I used to get that first 1,000 followers.

It firstly goes almost without saying that your blog should have at least a decent number of interesting and informative articles for you to tweet in the first place, but let’s cut to the good stuff.


Step 1

Look at the leaders in your niche, the bloggers who you aspire to be like.

And then follow their followers. It’s that simple. A number of them will follow you back. But you have to do this every day because Twitter will only allow you to follow a limited number at a time.

Look on this as a daily task that must be completed. Diligently perform this action and you will slowly see your Twitter followers rise at a healthy rate per day. They will also be relevant accounts of the kind that will be most likely to engage with your tweets and content.

Step 2

Run a competition.

Back in September, I ran a prize draw using the app Gleam in order to boost my follower numbers across a number of social media profiles. I gave away a £25 prize, but the way I was looking at it was I was buying new followers.

Results from Gleam
Full results from my Gleam competition.

For my £25 I got 459 new followers on Twitter alongside a lot of hits on my website.

Why use Gleam? It’s free and easy to use. It also handily, displays the winner after the competition is over which offers some security for the entrants.

Step 3

Make sure your Twitter profile is appealing.

What I do is use an actual profile picture of myself combined with a banner or cover photo which clearly displays my brand and what followers can expect from my Tweets clearly spelt out.

In this case, ‘Make More Money. Save More Money’. Since upgrading my main banner I’ve seen more followers coming through. Also make sure your bio is clear and concise, perhaps reinforcing the messaging on your main banner. Emojis can help but don’t use too many! Using relevant hashtags that are prominent in your niche is also a good idea.

Step 4

Join a network or Facebook group.

I’m a member of a few Facebook groups which have been integral to increasing my engagement on Twitter. You will find that the majority of members of these groups will be very active on all of their social media networks and will be more than willing to follow you back. They are also great for picking up tips and tricks on how to improve your blogging and social media strategies.

Follow these four points and you can’t fail to get your first 1,000 Twitter followers on the bag.

Do you have any other tips for getting more followers on Twitter? I’d love to hear them. If so, please leave a comment below.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

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