Can I Improve My SEO With Interlinking?

There’s a saying in SEO world. “Content is king. But backlinks are queen.”

And that’s pretty much what I have focused my SEO strategy for this site on to date. Creating informative content that my readers will find useful and interesting whilst building quality backlinks from relevant and authority websites. And hoping at the same time that I will receive natural backlinks from other webmasters and related blogs who will find my content useful.

internal linking strategy

However, I have never really looked at a linking strategy practically under my nose, which is an internal linking strategy.

Is this a massive oversight and missing an open goal on my part? Here are some of the benefits of creating an internal link structure that I could be missing out on:

  • Less reliance on content marketing and social media
  • My own blog posts can pass link juice to important pages
  • Less reliance on external links
  • It’s a search engine strategy recommended by Google
  • I can customise my own anchor text

So what I’m going to do is conduct an experiment and measure the search results.

The landing page I am targetting is this Compound Interest Calculator page.

My aim is to use internal links pointing from internal pages in order to pass link value to the page above. I’ll be looking at my site structure and seeing what I can do to make my page more visible to search engines.

the experiment

Here are my existing placements on 17th June 2020. The first column is the position in Google for a UK search.

I am going to place ten links throughout my site linking back to this page, starting with the one above. I will check back in 30 days to see if I have bumped these terms up the SERPS.

The ten links have been added today, 17th June.

Watch this space.

Photo by Merakist on Unsplash

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