£26,000 a Year is How Much an Hour?

A salary of £26,000 is equal to an hourly rate of £14.23

(Based on 261 working days per year and a 7 hour working day.)

Salary7 Hour Day
Hourly Rate
7.5 Hour Day
Hourly Rate
8 Hour Day
Hourly Rate

Jobs that earn £26,000 per year

  • Helpdesk Supervisor in London. This job involves handling telephone and email queries from clients and engineers on work assignments. Also specified is constantly updating systems and clients throughout the day. It goes without saying that interpersonal skills would be essential for a job such as this. As will IT and Microsoft Office skills.
  • Experience Nursery Nurse for a private nursery. Experience would be required at this pay level to Level 3. You would obviously have to be good with children and be able to remain calm and patient and not mind getting messy!
  • Grounds person at Aston Villa football club. This role is currently being advertised at £22k-£26k per year. In a role such as this, you would be responsible for maintaining football pitches at a high standard. This would obviously be a very hands-on role and would be great if you don’t want to be stuck in an office.
  • A Fire Extinguisher Engineer can earn £26,000 in London. This role at this level requires an experienced person and tasks could include design, installation and maintenance of fire extinguishing equipment on client sites.

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