How Cheap is Airbnb?

The internet has certainly revolutionized our lives. And not just the way we do business, but also the way in which we do pleasure.

Budget travelling has become widespread thanks to websites such as Skyscanner, which allows you to easily compare prices amongst thousands of airlines.

But perhaps the most recent and meaningful innovation is in the realm of accommodation. Thanks to Airbnb, anyway can make their room or flat available for rent.

This has revolutionised the industry, making prices fall and creating much opposition from traditional tourist stay establishments such as hotels and pensions.

Although the answer seems quite intuitive, it’s still worth asking.

Is Airbnb Cheaper than a Hotel?

A recent survey by Forbes would support this hypothesis. Using statistics from various sources and countries, such as the German hotel reservation website HRS, they made a comparison between the prices of traditional hotels and equivalent sharing economy options.

The results were conclusive

A room in New York City, the most expensive one out there, would cost you somewhere around £233. According to AirDNA, which tracks and analyzes the Airbnb market, a room booked through the service would only average £142 a night by comparison.

This is not a one-off phenomenon. The trend repeats itself over most major cities in the world. With Airbnb you can save up to £41 in Sydney, £96 in Tokyo, £29 in London.

The evidence is overwhelming and it’s undeniable that Airbnb offers a more affordable alternative to traditional hotels.

Furthermore, Airbnb allows for greater flexibility. You can choose to share or have your own place, you can pick a location almost anywhere in the city, you can have access to a kitchen and any may other facilities.

On the other hand, traditional hotels do have their own advantages. They are more reliable and less of a hassle and can provide you with a more luxurious and complete experience.

The advent of the internet has brought about a substantial increase in the sharing economy, through which people share goods and services at an established price. This isn’t limited to accommodation, it also includes, ride and car sharing, coworking spaces etc.

So if you haven’t done so yet, go ahead and sign-up to Airbnb and give it a try.

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