Post Indexing: Get Your New Blog Post Indexed ASAP

You’ve put so much work into your new blog post. You’ve researched it, written some quality content, placed your keyphrases, taken great care with your spelling and now it’s for post indexing.

But how do you get Google to index your hard work as soon as possible so you can start to see the traffic coming through in Google Analytics?

Learn how to install Google Analytics if you don’t already have it.

Before you start any promotional campaigns or social media marketing, you will need to tell Google that you have new content available on your blog and want your new blog posts indexed.

To do this you will need a Google Search Console account.

You may be asking why you need a Search Console account if you already have an Analytics account, but Search Console is quite a different kettle of fish. Search Console (formerly called Google Webmaster Tools) is very much a platform for managing your website’s search presence. Think of it as a tool kit for adjusting and refining how your site is viewed in Google search results.

Post indexing your new blog article ASAP

But how to get your new article indexed ASAP?

Once you have set up your Search Console account, simply insert the URL of your new page in this box within Search Engine Console.

For an example, I am going to index a new blog post – How Much Interest Could You Make On 1 Million Pounds?

You will then be presented with a page with the option to ‘REQUEST INDEXING’.

Test Live URL on Search Console

Which you will want to click.

After a minute or so, you should see the message below which tells you that indexing has been requested.

After clicking this button, Google will index your new pages in just a matter of minutes.

now test that your new page is indexed on google

To test it out, try doing an exact search for the title of your blog. Providing your blog title is not something very widely used like ‘Coronavirus Latest News’, you should appear in the top few pages, or the top 100 at least for your search.

It should only take a matter of minutes before you will see your live listing.

I use software called KeySearch for this task, but you can also do it manually on Google quite easily.

That will be your new page indexed.

This facility can also be used if you update your page and want to tell Google.

Simply follow the process above if, for example, you have added new content or optimised your page for search engines.

It can pay to keep Google in the loop when you are updating your blog. Follow this process each time you add content and you will get traffic coming to your website as soon as possible.

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

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