1 Easy Way To Increase Your Blog’s Domain Authority

This article is about increasing your website or blog’s Domain Authority. But first I’m going to talk about backlinks.

If you’re just starting out blogging, you will no doubt be aware that gaining quality backlinks is a key component of your blog building strategy.

What are backlinks?

A backlink is any link from another website or blog that links back to your blog.

Why are they so important?

They are effectively a ‘vote’ for your site. In Google’s eyes, it’s another website saying ‘Hey you should take a look at this blog. We like what they’re saying.’

Back in the day, backlinks were even more powerful than they are now and were the foundation upon which Google’s original ranking algorithm was built.

They’re still a big part of ranking your site, but backlinking was so heavily abused by SEOs over the years that their potency has diminished somewhat.

I’m still not sure how they work, can you be clearer?

In black and white terms, Google used to have a rating system called Page Rank. You increased your Page Rank score by gaining or building backlinks to your site.

Page Rank went from 1 to 10. The higher your score, the better for your website and your ranking potential.

But Page Rank doesn’t exist any more. Google phased it out.

domain authority

The next best thing which we have today is a ranking system called Domain Authority which was created by Moz (a big SEO platform).

Domain Authority doesn’t directly affect your website’s performance but it’s a good indication of how powerful your website is in terms of rankability (is that a word?)

So how do I increase my domain authority?


How do I get backlinks?

First, you’ve got to create reasonably good content and lots of it. That’s a given.

But how do you get links to your content?

Assuming your fledgeling content is not so insanely brilliant that websites around the world will just start linking to it, you’ve got to work on one thing…

Your social skills.

The key to gaining backlinks is your relationships with other bloggers.

There are hundreds if not thousands of bloggers out there just like you, idly wondering how they’re going to get more backlinks to their blogs.

But where can you meet these other bloggers?

Sure they’re floating around there on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. But how do you talk to them on a one to one level?

How do you gain their trust and build the relationships that are going to be the key to building out a healthy backlink profile and in turn a strong Domain Authority?

I’m going to tell you now. In five words.

Are you ready?

Here it is.

Join a Facebook group.

That’s how I have earned the vast majority of my backlinks.

Facebook groups are the number one, absolute best way to meet like-minded bloggers, in your niche (it’s better to join a specific group tailored to your niche).

Just by being a member of the UK Money Bloggers Facebook Group, I have built probably hundreds of backlinks.

Not only that but I’ve also gained precious knowledge in all aspects of blogging.

From the best plugins to recommended themes, to SEO strategy, I’ve learned so much as part of the group that it’s been totally invaluable.

And it’s all free.

In fact, not long after becoming a member of the group, I took part in a giveaway promo that bumped my Domain Authority from 1 to 18.

I’ve met some of the best in the business. Real people such as Emma Drew and Mrs MummyPenny and picked their brains.

All in all, stumbling across this Facebook group one day is the best place of blogging work I’ve inadvertently ever done.

In summary – To Increase Your Domain Authority

Look for a Facebook group of bloggers in your niche (this is very important as it means you will gain relevant backlinks).

Start talking.

And if you can’t find a Facebook group on your niche, start one!

I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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