How To Make Money as a Teenager Without a Job

Hitting teenage years is something that comes with a want of your own freedom and choices. Nothing helps more with both freedom and choice than money. So you may be wondering how to start making money whilst your education continues. There are a good number of ways you can do this. Some of the things you already do as a teenager can even be monetised to earn extra cash.

1. Chores

Parents may be your first port of call for extra cash. If your parents are busy, I’m sure you do your bit to help around the house but you may be able to offer to do a few extra tasks for some additional money. Often people need someone to help. For example, your parents’ friends may need some gardening done, so a little local networking can pay off. From dog walking to mowing the lawn, there are making money methods that can benefit you in many ways including building up friends in your neighbourhood.

2. Sell Your Photography

Selling the images you take can be a great way to make your own money. If you are good with a smartphone or camera this can be an easy way to get images you own working for you. Sites vary in the way they are funded and the commission they take. So shop around and research your options.

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3. Social Media

Social media has become so popular in recent years and companies wishing to promote their products know this. Influencers and bloggers have become trusted sources of reviews and endorsements for products and services.

A whole sector of the industry is forming around the management of social media and the opportunities it offers. Teenagers can amass a large following on their social media accounts and this following can entice companies to provide free goods and services for review on your social media platforms or even pay for sponsored posts promoting their company.

This really is an area where in such a short time bloggers and influencers have become so valued they have needed social media management companies to handle the volume of work generated. Either way, having an active social media platform can be a great, fun way for a teenager to make some extra money.

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4. Live Streaming

There are many social media platforms to choose from and some of them offer different services to what you might imagine. Teenagers into gaming might opt for something like Twitch as their online income source. Twitch gives you the opportunity to stream your efforts in playing video games or mixing music to an audience of followers. Streamers can earn money on Twitch via subscriptions and donations from viewers. You can also make extra money from advertisements, game sales commission, brand sponsorships, affiliate links and even selling product merchandise if you build up enough of a social media following.

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5. Vlogging

YouTube gives you the opportunity to create your own channel with subscribers and total views contributing to desirability for use to host advertisements. YouTube pay you based upon the number of views of an advert your channel generates. This method will need ongoing effort in providing interesting content and building subscribers. It does however provide an income while you sleep. Some of these incomes provided by YouTube are very substantial indeed.

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6. Online Surveys

If you are looking for a simpler solution, one that can provide quick results and be carried out at times to suit yourself. Leaving you able to keep to your education timetables and schedule without interference. Online surveys may be something for you to think about.

There are a good number of paid online survey sites that require teenagers’ opinions and views. A Google search will give you a selection to start earning money from.

You will need to register with the survey companies and then sit back and wait for emails inviting you to take part in surveys. The amount paid will be shown in the emails. These survey companies work by offering a reward for your time and opinions. On receiving the invitation email, you can choose if you wish to be included in that survey. If you do, your details will be added to the company’s database for possible selection. Not all applicants are accepted for each survey carried out, selections being made on the demographic required by the client.

Most of the companies have a minimum withdrawal or gift value. Payment for surveys you carry out will be added to your balance, but you may not be able to withdraw the balance or choose a gift until your balance exceeds the minimum withdrawal. The minimum balance for withdrawal can be as low as £5 so it may not take you long to achieve some results in this method.

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Making Money as a Teenager

There are plenty of ways to explore making money as a teenager, although of course sometimes the fact that you are simply a teenager can make things tricky. Every online platform/website will have its own rules and guidelines as to how old you need to be in order to sign-up. Although checks aren’t always strict there are certain guidelines that you should pay attention to, after all – they are there for a reason! As with anything you do when you are a young person, always make sure that you get the permission of your parent/guardian and keep them up to date with anything you are doing online – safety is paramount!

That said, whether you are a teenager or not it is great to know that there are some easy ways to make money without a job. Yes, a paper round or a Saturday job in a supermarket are both legitimate ways to make money and are definitely not opportunities to be sniffed at. However, by thinking outside of the box it is possible for a teenager (or anyone) to make a passive income online and hopefully, our tips have helped to show you just how easy that can be!

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