What is SLC Disbursement?

SLC disbursement is a payment from the Student Loans Company to help with tuition finance such as fees, and living costs of being at University.

The payment has to be paid back eventually.

What does SLC disbursement mean for UK students?

If you’re a student in the UK who’s planning to take out a financial loan, you may have heard of SLC disbursement. The money is usually paid into a UK bank account.

SLC Disbursements are paid directly to you, often in three instalments to help you budget. Any monies for tuition fees are paid directly to the University (stopping you from spending it!)

Who are the Student Loans Company (SLC)?

The Student Loans Company (SLC) is a non-profit making government-owned organisation that administers loans and grants to students in universities and colleges in the UK.

The organisation aims to help students in further education but students are responsible for any shortfall in tuition fees or accommodation fees.

What does SLC do for students?

The Student Loan Company is a non-profit making government-owned organisation that administers loans and grants to students in colleges and universities in the UK.

The SLC is a non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Department for Education. Their role is to support the higher education (HE) and further education (FE) sectors.

What is SLC Disbursement?

Simply put, SLC disbursement is the process of receiving your Student Loans Company (SLC) payment. It is a form of student finance that is paid into your bank account details.

The Student Loans Company is responsible for handling loans for students that need financial assistance. Mainly, students can get two different loans: tuition fee loans and maintenance loans. 

Tuition fee loans pay tuition fees, while maintenance loans help students cover living expenses, such as rent, food, books, and transport.

How Are SLC Disbursements in the UK Paid?

The tuition fee loans are paid directly to the school or university you’re attending at regular intervals. The disbursement dates will be confirmed once the finance is agreed upon.

To prevent delays with the first loan disbursement students should make sure they have supplied all the correct paperwork to the SLC via their online account.

The maintenance loan amount, on the other hand, is sent to your bank account, to help you cover living expenses during your studies.  When you apply you will need a UK bank account and may need to show your National Insurance number.

How much are tuition fees and how much will you get?

Tuition fees vary throughout the UK and depend on the course you are studying. There is a maximum tuition fee paid out which is £9,250. 

The amount students receive in loans differs and also depends on the living conditions. Students in the UK can receive a maximum student loan of £8,171-£11,116.

When do I have to pay back my tuition fee loan?

You’ll start paying back your Tuition Fee Loan the April after you leave or finish your course. As with all student loans, you’ll only start paying this back once you’re earning over a certain threshold (£25,725 in England) and only 9% of everything you earn above this.

How do Loan Repayments Work?

Students have to repay every SLC disbursement payment and they can start paying them back once they reach a particular income level. Student Loans Company (SLC) are much different from any other type of loan in terms of application, repayments, and interest charges.

There are four different types of SLC Disbursements given out during the academic year – depending on where you live and the course you take. And each type of loan has a different requirement for how it is paid back. Confused? Don’t worry, we have broken this down to make it easier to understand.

There isn’t a fee for taking out a Student Loan, but interest is added. You only start paying back the loan once your salary hits a certain value. The debt is deducted from your earnings straight away,

The current repayment threshold is £27,295. Once your salary exceeds this threshold, you will be required to refund 9% of your pre-tax earnings. Interest is calculated on a sliding scale, with a maximum rate of 3% over the Retail Price Index.

If you don’t earn enough to meet the income requirement, you won’t have to make any loan payments, but you will still be charged interest on any money owed. 

The majority of people never pay off their loans in full.

How do I apply for an SLC Loan?

You can request details and apply online through the Student Loan Company site. You can find details about the service, eligibility, and proof of income that you may need to show. You can apply for the student funds up to a year in advance of your academic studies.

The process varies throughout the UK, and the funds differ depending on tuition and the cost of living in your area.

The process of applying varies by region. In England, for instance, you must apply to Student Finance England, while in Scotland, you must apply to the Student Awards Agency. There are separate Student Finance bodies for students in Wales and Northern Ireland.

You will be asked to provide information about your or your family’s average earnings if you apply for a means-tested maintenance loan.x

What is the difference between Student Loans and Financial Aid?

The main difference between student loans and financial aid is whether you have to pay the money back or not.

Student loans generally mean there is money owed back and that you pay back the loan with interest, while financial aid packages such as grants and scholarships generally do not need to be paid back. It’s important you are aware of any finance agreements before you sign any paperwork.

SLC Disbursement Refunds

If you accidentally paid too much, a department within the SLC will contact you to sort out a refund. If your employer has made a mistake you can write to the SLC who can rectify the situation.

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