£20,000 a Year is How Much an Hour?

A salary of £20,000 is equal to an hourly rate of £10.95

(Based on 261 working days per year and a 7 hour working day.)

Who Earns What?

Salary7 Hour Day
Hourly Rate
7.5 Hour Day
Hourly Rate
8 Hour Day
Hourly Rate

Job roles that bring in around £20,000 per year

  • Vehicle spray painters, a part-time banking consultant and a postman could all earn around £20-£22k per year.
  • Admin and part-time project work in London working 17 hours a week could net you around £23k per year.
  • Teaching assistants with lots of experience who may specialise in a particular area of support can earn around £22,000 per year, and in the same salary bracket is a Science Researcher.
  • Air Travel assistant and a Travel Consultant could look to earn around £21k, along with short haul lorry drivers and librarians.
  • Farmers earn just under this bracket at around £18000 per year.
  • Housing and welfare officers and gem and jewellery makers also sit just under the £20k bracket.

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