£25,000 a Year is How Much an Hour?

A salary of £25,000 is equal to an hourly rate of £13.68

(Based on 261 working days per year and a 7 hour working day.)

Salary7 Hour Day
Hourly Rate
7.5 Hour Day
Hourly Rate
8 Hour Day
Hourly Rate

Jobs that earn around £25,000 per year.

A quick look on reed.co.uk revealed a number of management jobs within this price bracket including:

  • Store Manager for Iceland Retails SE London – annual salary of £28k+
  • Sales Manager for an Estate Agent in Kent.
  • Health and fitness manager in Warrington earning £28,000
  • Marketing Manager with an annual salary of £30,000.

We also found a range of other jobs within this salary bracket –

  • Large goods vehicle driver.
  • Dental Technicians make the crowns, bridges and braces for patients, and can earn around £26,440 per year.
  • Prison Officers can earn around £26,500 per year. Often a good career move for those who have worked within the armed forces or police.

At the higher end of the scale, Labourers can expect to earn around £28k, along with jobs in IT and Media.

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