We Buy Any Car Alternatives: Other Car Buying Services

We Buy Any Car is a great place to sell your car, but there are some other services that you may not have heard of. In this blog post, we will discuss the top 5 We Buy Any Car Alternatives and why they might be an option for you!

The key idea behind all of these sites is that they make things easier for anyone who wants to sell their car. They invariably will state that you could get a better price by selling privately, but their key selling point is speed and convenience. Don’t want a load of tyre kickers turning up at your door humming and hawing and taking your old car for a spin? Then you’re in the right place.

You may be forgiven for thinking that We Buy Any Car is the only one of these services on the market today. Their TV adverts featuring Philip Schofield seem to be on every night. They’ve obviously invested heavily in marketing and advertising, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only option. In this article, we’re going to run through some alternatives.

This article has been written in good faith and the details are correct at the time of publication. Errors and admissions accepted. We are not endorsing any of these services or claiming one of better than the other. But it’s easy to try them out for yourself. Read on to find out more.

Arnold Clark Sell My Car

Arnold Clark benefits from having their own branches throughout the UK, and are now claiming to be buying cars at all of their branches. Their home page also states to be offering an additional £500 when you sell your car, but there are terms and conditions attached – so be sure to read them thoroughly.

How Does It Work?

  • Provide your vehicle’s registration plate and mileage to get an instant online valuation. (You may get a more accurate price for your car if you provide extra details.)
  • Make an appointment at an Arnold Clark dealership near you.
  • One of their experts will check your car and see if it matches the information you provided.
  • They take care of the necessary paperwork and deposit the cash into your bank account if you accept the offer on your car.

Some Key Points To Be Aware Of

  • No transaction or admin fees.
  • On average, their final offer price is 3% lower than that of the instant online valuations provided.
  • You may use this service even if you don’t plan to buy a vehicle from Arnold Clark.
  • You can part-exchange your old car for a new one as part of this service.

Who Are Arnold Clark?

Arnold Clark is the largest independent car dealer in the UK. They started out in Glasgow in 1954 and have branches throughout the whole of the UK today.


Money 4 Your Motors

Money 4 Your Motors are another provider that will provide quick valuations online, however, they work slightly differently from WeBuyAnyCar and Arnold Clark Sell My Car.

Like their competitors, they claim to eliminate the bother of private selling. They also state that you won’t have to deal with strangers who seldom if ever turn up, and you’ll avoid spending money on online advertising.

Money 4 Your Motors, on the other hand, will actually come out to your home or workplace. This can of course save you extra time and money as you won’t have to drive or transport your car to a dealership or pop-up store.

Some Key Points

  • No charge for vehicle inspection
  • Uniformed car buyers throughout the country driving Money 4 Your Motors branded vans.
  • Standard practice is to pay the customer before the vehicle inspector has left your property (usually by instant bank transfer).
  • They will then arrange to have your vehicle collected once you are happy that you have received the agreed funds.
  • The vehicle inspection is a completely free, no-obligation service. There is no cost if you do not wish to proceed with your sale.
  • There is no administration charge for vehicles with a purchase price of up to £100.
  • The Administration Fee is £58.75 for vehicles with a purchase price of £4,999 or less.
  • The Administration Charge is £78.75 if the purchase price is £5,000 or more.


Evans Halshaw

Like Arnold Calrk, Evans Halshaw is another well-known name in the UK auto industry. And like them, their car buying service is a bolt-on do their additional offerings. The car selling process is similar to Arnold Clark and WeBuyAnyCar in that you start off by getting an online valuation, thereafter taking your car to a drop-off location to have it assessed by an inspector.

Once your car is sold, your money will be transferred to your bank account within three working days.

Some further key points on the service offered by Evans Halshaw

  • Evans Halshaw claims to be able to offer you more for your used car by ‘cutting out the middle-man’.
  • They also claim to be interested in purchasing any automobile, regardless of its age, make, model, mileage, or condition.
  • Like other providers, Evans Halshaw starts off with an online evaluation tool.
  • They then proceed to what they claim to be a basic, stress-free procedure in which a purchasing assistant will walk you through the entire sale process from beginning to end.
  • They have over 80 drop-off locations across the country.
  • No administration fee.


AutoTrader Instant Offer

Established in the UK in 1977, AutoTrader is a well-known name in the industry. Again, this service will provide you with an almost instant offer based on the details that you provide on your car. As with other services, the more accurate you are, the better and more accurate your valuation will be.

AutoTrader operates by sending an agent to pick up your car form your home, and at the time of writing, is offering £100 in cash as an incentive if you sell your car with an AutoTrader instant offer. There are also terms and conditions attached to this deal which you should read through.

Key Points on AutoTrader

  • AutoTrader leads with the speed that it can wrap up a deal for you. It claims many deals are done and dusted with car picked up and
  • Like Money 4 Your Motors, AutoTrader can arrange for your car to be picked up from your home, which means no driving to drop-off points.
  • AutoTrader claims to handle valuations on more cars than anyone other dealer in the UK – which means, they say, that their valuations will be more accurate.
  • They also claim to have no hidden fees.


Exchange My Car

Exchange My Car is a UK based online part exchange platform that offers their customers an instant free valuation for their car, enabling them to choose between selling or part-exchanging their cars through a hassle-free process.

They state that they only work with reliable dealers who they believe will provide their customers with an excellent standard of service. Exchange My Car also does not ask their customers for a transaction fee, which is ideal for those who do not want any hidden costs when selling or part-exchanging their vehicle.

For the collection of the vehicles, they send out an inspector to meet their customers at their home address or workplace and they pride themselves in ensuring that customers receive the payment of their vehicle before it is taken away, putting the customer at ease.

Some Key Points

  • They provide quick, instant car valuations
  • Customers can buy, sell, part exchange and/or finance in one place
  • All services that are provided are completely free of charge
  • They have over 80,000 cars available for sale
  • They provide full vehicle background checks on behalf of customers
  • Customers can compare the cost of changing their vehicle for thousands of different cars
  • They only work with verified dealers to ensure customer satisfaction


We Buy Any Car Alternatives In Conclusion

As you will be able to tell, it’s easier than ever to get a quick valuation and to sell your car quickly using the sites we have mentioned here. The great thing about these sites is that it’s easy to get a quick valuation from each of them which you can then compare before making a decision.

I hope this article has been helpful if you are thinking of selling your car.

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