The One Crucial Thing That Explodes Your Blog Traffic

The web is awash with advice on the best way to get more traffic to your blog.

Pinterest tips, earning back links, Facebook groups, blog titles, keyword density… blah blah blah.

It goes on more or less forever.

And you would be forgiven for being more than a bit bamboozled by all the advice out there.

However I am going to explain here the one crucial thing that you need to make your blog a traffic magnet.

Sure you still need to work on the other stuff, but this is the big one.

You can have all the other stuff, the back links, the guest blogs, the keyword optimisation, but they ain’t gonna work without this one totally essential tactic.

By doing this, I earned a cool £8,000 with one blog.

Yessir eight big ones.

I’ve had many more blogs down the years but have never had the success that I had with this one.

But I’ve never done what I did with my £8k blog.

So what was it? What’s the one thing you need to make your blog a success?

It can be summed up in one word.

Are you ready?

The word is…


There are no short cuts. It’s going to take a lot of work and I mean a lot.

And it’s going to take time. Yes a lot of time.

If I was going to put numbers on it, then here they are.

300 blog posts

To get things moving and get the magic happening the bare minimum number of good quality blog posts that you need to write is 300. This isn’t the end point, just the start where you will start to see growth and movement.

2 Years

It’s gonna take 2 years before you even begin to reach the foothills of the promised land. 2 years plugging away through the hard times with your head down over a laptop when you would rather be kicking back watching your favourite Netflix show. It’s not gonna be easy and it’s gonna be a slog but these are the facts.

3 Blogs Per Week

To get the volume you need to plan. And planning goes hand in hand with consistency. It’s no use posting 300 posts in a frenzy in one month then taking it easy for the next year. 3 posts per week is a solid and achievable schedule to go for. Google loves consistent posting. Always keep this in mind. 3 Blogs Per week with two weeks off for good behaviour amounts to 150 per year and 300 if you stick at it for 2 years.

These are the big numbers to establish a blog that will start attracting traffic.

Stick to these numbers and you won’t go far wrong. If you can do more then all the better, but make sure you keep up that consistency.

I’ve already mentioned there are loads of other tactics that you can deploy to power up your blog.

But get this one core thing right and you’re on track for blog success.

What do you think of this as a core tactic? Let me know by commenting below

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4 thoughts on “The One Crucial Thing That Explodes Your Blog Traffic”

  1. I’m not at 300 or 2 years quite yet, but even recently I’ve started to see some traction. I agree that (unfortunately, in some ways!) it truly is a volume and time game. To your point though, they do need to be quality posts. My quick, stream-of-consciousness posts never rank or bring organic traffic.

    Enjoyed reading your experience. $8k sounds pretty good to me!

    • Thanks! I’m beginning to also think that you can’t hit a home run every time and from what I’ve seen, it may be 10% of your posts that bring 90% of your traffic. In which case, posting regularly just sends that signal to G that you’re alive and kicking! I’ve certainly seen a big uptick in my main posts traffic since posting 3 times per week.


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