So I Finally Figured Out What Tailwind Is

What is Tailwind?

I’ve been blogging for a fair number of years now, and it’s been quite the rocky ride. I’ve tried out a wide range of niches including travel blogging, book blogging, food, cinema home and garden. In fact, I think I’ve covered most of them. Here’s a list of them here. I used to use analytics … Read more

Does OptinMonster Slow Your Site Down?

I have been looking around for a decent optin plugin or piece of software so that I can capture emails from my website visitors. Having already given Privy a go and looked briefly at Sumo, I had read on a forum that OptinMonster was a good service so decided to give it a go. Popups … Read more

Introduction to Blogging: 5 Things That Should Be in Every Blog Post

Introduction to blogging

If you are just starting out blogging, it’s useful to have a framework to work within. Or a check list of some essential elements which your blog simply must have, no questions asked. In this ‘Introduction to Blogging’ post, we talk about 5 things that you simply must have in each article. Introduction to Blogging: … Read more